How To Keep Seniors Warm While Bathing And Dressing In Winter

January 2, 2023 NataliaGutierrez

Seniors that need help with bathing and dressing often rely on personal care at home services. With personal care at home, seniors can get help with activities of daily living like bathing and dressing from caregivers who have been trained in ways that will allow seniors to retain their dignity and get the personal care they need. But winter brings a unique challenge for anyone helping seniors with personal care by helping them stay warm. Seniors often can catch a chill after bathing or while dressing, especially if they live in an older home where the rooms tend to be drafty.

Here are some things that either personal care at home aides or family members can do to keep seniors warm after bathing or while dressing.

Install A Heat Lamp

Personal Care at Home Shelton CT - How To Keep Seniors Warm While Bathing And Dressing In Winter
Personal Care at Home Shelton CT – How To Keep Seniors Warm While Bathing And Dressing In Winter

Installing a heat lamp in the bathroom is easy to do and it can make a huge difference when it comes to making seniors comfortable in the bathroom. The heat lamp will keep the bathroom toasty so that when seniors come out of the bath or shower they won’t catch a chill. And when seniors aren’t rushing out of the tub or shower to get warm they lower the risk of falling or slipping. Putting in a heat lamp is a fantastic bathroom upgrade for safety and comfort in any house where a senior lives.

Keep Towels and Clothes On Warmers or Use A Heated Bath Mat

Towel warmers are extremely useful for seniors. They’re also easy to install and safe to use. When your senior loved one has a bath they or a caregiver can put their towels and a robe or pajamas on the towel warmer and they will gently heat up while your senior parent is bathing. When the bath is over the caregiver can grab warm towels to help them dry off and put them immediately into warm clothing. That will eliminate the risk of your senior loved one getting chilled or being uncomfortably cold after they bathe.

Heated bath mats can help make sure that seniors don’t get cold feet after a bath. Too often seniors get cold feet from the cold tile floor in the bathroom and it can take them hours to warm up their feet and legs after that. Heated mats go under regular bath mats so that they heat up the existing mat. When your senior loved one steps on their existing mat it will be warm and cozy on their feet instead of damp and cold. The heated mats are waterproof so there’s no danger of them getting wet.

Put A Fireplace In The Bedroom Or Dressing Area

Electric fireplaces are very popular because they are easy to install almost anywhere and they are very safe. The surfaces don’t heat up but they do put out some toasty heat and they have a pleasant flame-like appearance. Often they are built into cabinets and furniture like TV stands. Putting an electric fireplace in your senior loved one’s bedroom or dressing room can take the chill off the room if there’s a draft so that seniors can be comfortable and warm while they dress.

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