What Are the Best Ways to Support Your Dad at Home?

January 16, 2023 NataliaGutierrez

Your dad lives alone and you’re not close by. Is he getting enough socialization each week? That’s one of the most important things to do when he lives alone, but it’s only one of the things he needs as he ages. How do you support him as he gets older? Maybe consider hiring companion care at home services.

Make Sure He Has Company

Your dad loves to take a daily walk with his dog, but he’s finding it harder to manage. Have a caregiver stop by and join them on a walk. Your dad has someone to lean on for support when he needs it, and he’s more likely to walk farther if he has a caregiver with him on each outing.

Have Companion Care at Home Aides Available to Clean His Home

Companion Care at Home Watertown CT - What Are the Best Ways to Support Your Dad at Home?
Companion Care at Home Watertown CT – What Are the Best Ways to Support Your Dad at Home?

Your dad needs help cleaning his home. He doesn’t have the body strength remaining to carry the vacuum up and down the stairs. He definitely cannot vacuum the stairs, as balancing the vacuum while standing on the stairs is too much.

Have caregivers vacuum carpets and sweep floors for him. Caregivers can dust surfaces, wipe down counters and stove tops, and sanitize remotes and door handles and knobs.

Once a week, your dad’s caregivers can change his bed sheets, gather the laundry, and wash everything. Once it’s dry, his caregivers can fold, hang, iron, and put items away.

Get Someone to Help Him Plan Meals and Cook for Him

Your dad knows what he wants to eat each week, but he cannot cook. Hire caregivers to go over the menu he wants for the week, ensure he has the right ingredients, and cook for him. His caregiver can cook meals when needed, keep him company while he eats, and wash the dishes after.

His caregiver can load the dishwasher, if he has one, or wash dishes by hand. Once the dishwasher completes the cycle or hand-washed dishes are dry, the aide puts them away. Leftovers are stored properly to prevent the potential for food poisoning.

Can Your Dad Drive?

Your dad may not be allowed to drive as his vision or mobility changes. Hire caregivers to drive him to stores and community events. His caregiver is there to help him run errands or drive him to medical offices on appointment days.

When he has appointments, his caregiver helps him get checked in and waits with him. When the appointment is over, his caregiver can help him schedule a follow-up visit, pick up any prescription changes, and bring him back home.

Arrange Regular Visits From Companion Care at Home Providers

Social visits are important to your dad’s mental, physical, and emotional health, so make sure he has people stopping by regularly. If you and other family members can’t, home care services are essential to his well-being.

Choose companion care at home services to make sure your dad isn’t alone all week. His mental health is just as important as his physical health. With companion care at home, he has caregivers stopping by to interact with him while also helping with housework and meals.

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