Have You Asked Your Dad About His Long-Term Care Goals?

December 19, 2022 NataliaGutierrez

Have you ever asked your dad about his long-term care goals? It’s an important conversation to have as a family, so plan a potluck dinner and discuss these questions together. Would having senior home care services help to attain these goals?

Is He Happy Where He Is?

Senior Home Care Naugatuck CT - Have You Asked Your Dad About His Long-Term Care Goals?
Senior Home Care Naugatuck CT – Have You Asked Your Dad About His Long-Term Care Goals?

Your dad lives alone. Has anyone asked if he’s happy where he is? Your dad may feel the house is too large for one person. He might find it difficult to keep up with the housework or yard work on his own. He may be ready to downsize and isn’t sure how to address it.

While many older adults prefer thoughts of aging in the home they’ve had for years, some would like to downsize. If your dad wants to downsize to a smaller, one-level home, don’t dismiss him. You may want the home to stay in the family, but he needs to feel comfortable where he’s living.

How Is His Health? How About His Family Health History?

Is your dad still healthy? Some of the most common chronic conditions in older adults are heart disease, diabetes, and high blood pressure.

If he is experiencing a chronic health condition, he may be taking medications or following a special diet. If he needs help following his doctor’s orders, it may be time to arrange to have someone help your dad with medication reminders and meal preparation.

Family health histories can pass from one generation to the next. If your dad’s mother had colon cancer, there’s a higher risk that he could have that cancer, too. He needs to stay on top of preventative exams like a colonoscopy. If there’s a family history of heart disease, he should stick to a heart-healthy diet.

Where Does He See Himself in a Year, Five Years, etc.?

Right now your dad is happy where he is. What about a year from now? If something changes with his health, would he want you to help him? He might be more comfortable having a professional caregiver assisting with hygiene and grooming tasks than his adult children.

It’s important to discuss what your dad might need for help in the future. Then, ask him who he would want to help him out. He may not like the idea of having a home care aide helping with bill paying, but he’d prefer an aide for his personal care needs. Make sure his wishes are respected.

Who Is Available to Help? Would He Object to a Senior Home Care Aide?

Now that you’ve talked about the different things your dad needs now and in the future. See who is available to assist him. If you’re all working 40-hour weeks still, you may not have time to help your father every day. Get a list of family members who can help out.

Have you asked your dad how he feels about asking others for help? Would he be embarrassed to tell you that he cannot walk down the stairs to the laundry room? He needs to know it’s okay to ask for help and that you hope he will.

As you learn more about your dad’s wishes and current abilities, have a conversation about senior home care with him. Get a list of questions together and ask those during your call with our senior home care advisor.

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