Battling Holiday Stress as a Senior

December 2, 2022 NataliaGutierrez

You may love this time of year, but not all seniors love December. It may remind them they’ve lost their partner, friends, or others they were close to. You can invite your senior over to limit the feelings of loneliness and isolation, but the truth is you have to figure out how to limit their stress too. If you do not live with your senior, it’s time to find home care assistance providers to provide companionship and limit their stress, keep them on a routine, and ensure they’re staying as healthy as possible during this time.

Here are some ideas you can use to try to limit their stress or distract them from what they may be feeling.

Create Baked Goods Tomorrow

Home Care Assistance Bridgeport CT - Battling Holiday Stress as a Senior
Home Care Assistance Bridgeport CT – Battling Holiday Stress as a Senior

If you and your mom have a tradition of making Christmas cookies, bake them together this year. The aroma of cooking comfort food in the kitchen might evoke pleasant and nostalgic thoughts and feelings. Smells can help bring back memories and good feelings that you want your senior to have. If your senior is living in an apartment, you should bring them over to your house to bake in a bigger kitchen. This is also a chance for your kids to bake with your seniors and learn something new. Baking together can be a bonding time for seniors and their grandkids.

Decorate for the Holidays

Not all seniors want to decorate their own homes for the holidays. However, you can bring them over to your house and decorate them there. They may like doing art projects or helping set up the decor. If they can’t move around well, you can have them do projects with the grandkids at the kitchen table. Adding decorations to a home can help boost holiday cheer. It can be worth it to try to decorate a senior’s home too.

Plan Easy and Quiet Days and Hire Home Care Assistance Aides

The holiday season can be overwhelming. You may want to take your senior loved one shopping with the family or to take your kids to do Santa pictures. However, this can be crazy and overwhelming for your senior. They may not say no because they don’t want to disappoint you, but the truth is they may also need a day to relax. Plan a quiet day where you can be home alone together and cook or bake for the season. Easy and quiet days are crucial to staying stress-free during the holiday season. Hire home care assistance aides who can be with your loved one when you can not.

Alter Traditions if Necessary

Your senior may have started family traditions with you when you were younger, and you want to keep those up for your kids. This is so thoughtful, but you may have to alter those traditions to include your senior. They may not be able to move around like they used to, or you may need to travel to them instead of the other way around. By altering family traditions to include your seniors, you can limit their stress. It is so crucial to be with your family during this time. Ensuring your senior stays social and involved will help limit their holiday stress.

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