Ways Seniors Can Beat Holiday Blues

November 14, 2022 NataliaGutierrez

The holidays can be a tough time for people, especially seniors who may be alone during the holidays. If your senior parent has recently lost a spouse or partner they may not feel very much like celebrating the holidays this year. And if you live far away and can’t be with your senior parent for the holidays that can leave them very lonely. This could be the time to consider hiring companion care at home services for them.

Companion Care at Home New Haven CT - Ways Seniors Can Beat Holiday Blues
Companion Care at Home New Haven CT – Ways Seniors Can Beat Holiday Blues

Loneliness is a big concern for seniors. Seniors who are suffering from loneliness can have real physical side effects from that like heart disease and a higher chance of having a stroke or heart attack. But your senior parent doesn’t have to be lonely during the holidays.

There are things that seniors can do to beat the holiday blues like:

Companion Care At Home

Companion care at home provides the human connection and company that seniors need to stay healthy. And when you can’t be there for your senior parent companion care at home means that your senior loved one won’t be alone for the holidays. A companion can be there to share meals with your senior parent, watch TV or movies, go shopping or to the movies, or just sit around and talk. Sometimes the best support for seniors is just making sure they aren’t alone.

Joining Other Lonely Seniors

Unfortunately, there are a lot of seniors who end up alone during the holidays. Either their spouses have passed on or their kids live far away or they don’t really have any living family. Seniors who are lonely during the holidays can connect with other seniors through support groups or the senior center in their town. Often they have lively parties and get-togethers for the holidays so that no one has to be alone and sad during what should be a vibrant and happy time of the year.

Video Chatting With Friends And Family

Video chatting with friends and family members who are far away aren’t as good as being with them in person but it’s the next best thing. Seniors can see and talk to their family members just as if they were in the room. They can participate in dinner time conversations and rituals, witness the opening of gifts, and have a lovely holiday enjoying the sights and sounds of the holiday with their family members. A companion care at home provider can help your senior parent get a video camera or phone set up to video chat.


Seniors who are feeling down during the holidays may want to volunteer. Helping others is a tried and true way to feel a sense of purpose, a sense of usefulness, and a sense of gratitude. Seniors may want to volunteer at a soup kitchen, homeless shelter, or domestic violence shelter during the holidays. They can also volunteer to read to sick children in the hospital or volunteer to work with animals at the local ASPCA or shelter. Volunteering will get seniors out of the house and connect with people while also making them feel better about their own situation.

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