24-Hour Home Care Keeps Seniors Safe At Home

November 2, 2022 NataliaGutierrez

Any senior can fall and have an accident that causes injury. But seniors who are living alone at home don’t have easy access to help if they do end up falling. 24-hour home care services are the best way to ensure that your senior parent is able to get the help they need if they fall and get hurt.

24-Hour Home Care West Hartford CT - 24-Hour Home Care Keeps Seniors Safe At Home
24-Hour Home Care West Hartford CT – 24-Hour Home Care Keeps Seniors Safe At Home

There are dozens of ways that seniors can fall at home. But no matter how it happens if there when seniors have 24-hour care they will immediately be able to get help. If you worry about your loved one falling and being alone, lying on the floor, and unable to move, 24-hour home care will give you the peace of mind that you need.

It’s not just falls that seniors are protected from when they have 24-hour care. There are lots of emergencies that can happen where seniors need help to stay safe like:


House fires can be caused by appliances left on like the stove or a toaster oven. They also can happen as a result of faulty wiring or even lightning. But fires can be particularly deadly for seniors who have slower reaction times. It’s very common for seniors to be unable to move swiftly enough to get out of a home safely during a house fire. A good smoke detector is essential for seniors. But so is having someone there to help them and make sure they get out of the house safely if there is a fire.


Floods can be the result of storms or they can happen when a pipe bursts or other plumbing malfunctions happen. Seniors may be unable to get out of the house if there is a flood, especially if they use a walker or a wheelchair. And if the flood is the result of a burst pipe or some plumbing issue it’s very important to call a plumber immediately to come and deal with the situation. With 24-hour home care, there will be someone in the home with your senior parent to make sure they are ok and get a professional to handle the situation.

Equipment Malfunction

If your senior loved one uses medical equipment like supplemental oxygen it’s very important that those machines work correctly. If one machine malfunctions, it could cause serious risk to your senior parent. And if the equipment malfunctions your senior loved one may be unable to call for help. If your senior parent needs medical equipment at home you should have 24-hour home care to make sure that someone is always there to help your senior parent if they need it.


Most seniors live in established safe neighborhoods where they have lived for years, or even decades. But that doesn’t mean that crime won’t happen. Thieves that rifle through cars may also try to break in. A security system is a great deterrent, but so is having someone there with your senior parent all the time. Having company around the clock will also make your senior parent feel safer and give you peace of mind too.

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