Time Management Tips for Family Caregivers

September 21, 2022 NataliaGutierrez

Managing your time is important when you’re a family caregiver. You likely have a lot you have to get through each day, and it can become overwhelming if you also have to balance your work, your social life, and your children’s needs. Consider hiring in-home care providers to help with the tasks. Here are some of the time management tips for family caregivers that can help.

Create a To-Do List

In-Home Care Watertown CT - Time Management Tips for Family Caregivers
In-Home Care Watertown CT – Time Management Tips for Family Caregivers

Build a to-do list so that you have a guide to follow each day. You may need to forgo some tasks from time to time, but a daily schedule helps with time management. You can look over what needs to be done and figure out how long each item on that list should take.

That helps you plan out how many hours you need to help your dad. You’ll know if you have enough time or if there are going to be any issues. If there are, you can go through and rearrange your weekly routine to balance things out.

Pair Chores to Make Sense

The best time management technique is to make sure you’re pairing chores that are in the same area. If you have to pick up your dad’s prescription refills, it makes sense to also do the grocery shopping while you’re out. You’ll leave the house to run errands once instead of two or three times.

Your dad likes to take a walk after lunch. He also has a dog that needs to be exercised each day, and you’ve been doing that in the morning when you arrive. Hold off the dog’s walk until the afternoon walk so that you’re doing two tasks at once.

Each Friday, you’re changing your dad’s sheets. Do all of the laundries on that day. Make that the day to wash towels, clothes, and everything else. Stop doing a load of clothing in the middle of the week and then save the towels and sheets for another day.

Check With Other Family Members

Check with other family members to see if they’re free to help out some days. If your brother is off each Friday, he may be able to accompany your dad to his eye exam. Your sister is free each Monday and could take your dad shopping.

If you have other family members take some of the chores off your to-do list, you free up time for other responsibilities. Make sure you let family members chip in as much as they can.

Let Others Help Out and Hire In-Home Care Aides

Time management is essential for reducing caregiver stress. How well do you manage your time? Are you feeling overwhelmed by all you do to help your dad? Arrange in-home care services to have time left over to spend taking care of yourself.

An in-home care advisor is happy to answer your questions, go over prices, and arrange the services your dad needs. Call today.

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