Creative Activities For Seniors To Try

July 5, 2022 NataliaGutierrez

July is National Anti-Boredom Month and now is a great time for seniors who are struggling with boredom to try something new. Many seniors have longed to try doing something creative throughout their lives but never got around to it when they were busy working or raising a family. Now though your senior parent has lots of time and it’s a great time for them to try a creative hobby that they didn’t have time for before. Companion care at home providers can be available to assist in the activity and help the shop for their materials.

Some of the most fun creative hobbies that your senior loved one and their companion care home aides could try are:

Writing A Play

Most seniors have a lot of fascinating stories to tell about the times they lived through and the families they raised. Turning those experiences into a play can be a creative and fun way to avoid being bored. If your senior loved one has never written a play before they may want to take a class in playwriting or read some books about it. If your senior loved one has companion care at home services their companion can help them organize and plan their play and edit it. Who knows your senior parent’s local senior center may even decide to put on the play once it’s completed.

Learning To Sculpt

Companion Care at Home West Hartford CT - Creative Activities For Seniors To Try
Companion Care at Home West Hartford CT – Creative Activities For Seniors To Try

Sculpting is a dynamic and interesting art form that uses a lot of different skill sets. If your senior loved one has an interest in art but has never really found a medium that inspires them encourage them to try sculpting. Sculpting doesn’t have to be done with metal or stone. It can also be done with wood or even paper. Your senior loved one can watch some videos online to try and find out what type of sculpting they’d like to try or find an online community for senior sculptors to get advice.

Making A Quilt

Quilting is something that many seniors love because they can stay busy, use their creativity, and create stunning personalized items that tell the story of their family or heritage. It’s not that difficult to start quilting. If your senior parent has companion care at home providers their companion can help them with things like setting up the sewing machine, cutting fabric, and pressing seams so that your senior loved one can focus on the creative aspect of quilting which is really the design. You may even end up with some quilts that your children will keep as family heirlooms once your senior loved one gets really good at quilting.

Writing A Memoir

Many seniors find writing a memoir therapeutic as well as creative. They’re not just writing a memoir they are creating a written history of your family, which is something that not many families have these days. If you have been looking for a project that you and your senior parent can do together writing a memoir is the perfect project. You will get to know your parent in a whole new way while helping them be more creative and less bored.

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